We manage the international network of local consultants, experts and freelancers from life science industries.

FarmavitaR+ has profiled itself to be the top service provider in management of complex global projects related to product development, regulatory affairs, quality assurance and market access.

FarmavitaR+ network is providing range of services for life sciences industries, such us:

  • Product development
  • Quality Assurance and Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Vigilance and risk management
  • Health technology assessment
  • Market Access, pricing and reimbursement
  • Project management
  • Human resources and recruitment
  • Portfolio management
  • Business administration
  • Marketing and Sales

Register yourself to the FarmavitR+ network. Registration is free. Benefits for registered members are:

  • Post projects in few easy steps and start receiving proposals
  • Get promotion at FarmavitaR+ and connected pages at LinkedIn, G+, Twitter and FB
  • Subscription to FarmavitaR+ Community Newsletter
  • Opportunity for publishing of your professional articles, news and press releases