We are agency, supporting communication at the social networks for companies and patient empowerment groups. We are specialized in health related communication, having are professional team made of healthcare practitioners, pharmacists, chemists, and biotechnology experts. With network of local associates we are covering 90 countries (about 50 languages). We take care about compliance and vigilance during our social media communications.

What we can do for you?
We offer you creation of pages and daily posts at Facebook, Twitter , G+ and LinkedIn. We will engage with fans on your social pages and convert them to advocates of your company or group. We can also create text, photo and video content for you.

How much it cost?
Basic service of 3 posts per day at FB, Twiltter, G+ and LinkedIn (total of 360 posts per month) starts at € 890 per month. Additional fees may be applied for higher frequency of posting, creation of content and management of advertising campaigns.
This basic service fee covers creation of 360 posts per month. One post has up to 140 letters and attached link, photo or video. Every 14 days we will deliver detailed performance report.

Our work is the the best reference. For instance, we are managing social media communications for the patient empowerment group. During the period of 30 days we have posted about 300 posts at FB, G+, Twitter and LInkedIn for them. This posts has created about 88.000 impressions at social networks, which resulted in 1200 interactions with 978 unique users. Moreover, this resulted in 15% more visits at main web page of our client and 77 new web mentions. If you are interested in similar project, please contact us for detailed performance report.

By the way, do you know what is the most influential practice for better position of your page at search engines?
It is creation of viral posts and back-links from social networks!