Your have been preparing your professional event for months? Speakers and special guests are confirmed, entertainment is scheduled, venues are arranged. You’re ready to share it with the world.

But the world is full of events, from trade-shows, conferences, webinars to VIP parties and everything in between. Your attendees are being approached with invites and advertisements every day. So, how do you get noticed? More than getting noticed, how do you actually engage your audience’s attention – and keep it – in the days leading up to your event?

We are in daily communication with professionals from pharmaceutical industry, leading professional associations and national authorities. We will create the buzz about your events, and do all that is needed to grab attention. We’ve identified the best pre-event promotional strategies to help you reach your right audience .

For the single fee of € 800 we will:

– We will publish your event article on Pharmaceutical Licensing Network ( and Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Network ( .
– We will publish banner with hyperlink to event web page on Pharmaceutical Licensing Network ( and Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Network ( . This is banner and hyper link at our 5000+ indexed Google pages will get about 20.000 banner impressions over 30 days. (Client should submit us banners of following sizes: 150×150 and 300×300).
– we will publish several social media posts at our pages at Facebook, G+, Twitter & LinkedIn. We have more than 5000 followers at this pages and about 80.000 posts impressions over 30 days.
– Information about event will be mailed to 3 000+ subscribers of Farmavita.Net Journal and Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Network Newsletter

We assure you that return of investment will be more than expected.